Super Extreme



Ultimate Power: High-Pressure Units

 The 520-watt high-pressure units provide more intense UV power than most 1,000-watt models on the market... Which just waste power and add heat.

Ultra VIT Max Body Power Units

The Excellence 850 utilizes 16 high-pressure Ultra VIT Max units in the body zone to create a deep tan. Like the thrust of a jet engine, or the brilliance of a rocket launching, the Excellence 850’s extreme power can be felt the moment you see it.

Ultra VIT Max Face Power Units

Four high-pressure Ultra VIT Max units in the facial zone enhances the overall tanning process to produce a noticeable step forward for an even facial tan.

UV Lamps

Combined with the high-pressure units are 19 160-watt lamps in the base. This provides a more homogeneous distribution of the

UV lamps in the tanning tunnel for consistent UV intensity.

Shoulder & Neck Tanner

Additional UV power is focused on tanning the shoulder and neck region for outstanding tanning results.

Cool Feelings: Temptronic

The intelligent new ventilation system in the Excellence series puts comfort as its highest priority: The Temptronic system, an exclusive feature on the Excellence series, maintains a constant, selectable temperature throughout the tanning session. The balanced distribution of air outlets in the head, body, and foot zones ensure maximum comfort. Temptronic can either warm or cool the base acrylic and the air in the tanning tunnel.

Tanning Relaxation: Body Wave Light

Body Wave Light: the double-bend base acrylic, makes tanning in the Excellence series a truly relaxed experience -- in virtually any position!


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